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I will endeavor to conquer my fears and begin a dialogue in our community about a topic we all hate talking about, Money.   Because of my exposure in health coaching, my fascination with money is more a fascination with our upbringing, our behaviors, and our relationship with money.

I am eager to share the lessons learned from others through trial and error.  Advice and information shared from trusted advisors that worked or maybe it didn’t.  I want our community to soak up the words of wisdom from generations before us that either limited us or positioned us for success.  I am eager to get our community discussing with joy and confidence a thing that is both enabling and prohibiting us from living the life we want.  I believe that our community can share with each other and grow together.  It is quite possible that this could be a fun and healthy experience that will benefit many.

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I am working on three books that will get published in the not too distant future. 

Pennies on Cake is a children's book that I am writing and illustrating.  My desire is to begin the discussion early with children about spending, saving and sharing with others.  I will use this book to help my financial planning clients and friends to teach their sweet children about money.  I also plan to spend time reading and teaching within my community in local schools.  Beliefs about money and habits with money begin at such an early age.  Let's begin the conversation early and in a healthy way. 

Hustle and Salt is my personal memoir/novel.  It is forever changing and evolving and has proven to be quite a colossal undertaking.  However,  I share in my blog details of my book and will be providing updates as I work with my team to get it published and produced for you kind souls to read and enjoy.  

May We Get You A Coffee? is a book I am co-authoring with business partner, mentor and father, Robert “Bob” Gaskin. It is an educational book to serve our asset management and financial planning clients in a way that is educational and fun to read. Lessons from a father-daughter financial advisory team about money, marriage and business.

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For over 10 years, I have been competing in endurance races and coaching men and women one on one and in group fitness.  After a decade of endurance racing, being a fit working mom is the hardest thing I have ever done.  I welcome this challenge with grace and humility, every single day.  I have found that one of my greatest joys is to inspire women to embrace their strength and find beauty in sweat.  I spent a lot of time building a brand and business focused on meeting people where they are.  Teaching individuals that we already have the tools to be the healthiest form of ourselves, we just need to put in the work.  I developed plans and workouts focused on simplicity.  Less rules, less boundaries, just get up and going.  Doing something that honors your best self, every damn day.  I am currently doing very little one on one coaching as there is only so much time in the day, but I do continue to find time in my schedule to get in my own sweat sessions and I use social media stories to inspire and encourage others to join me in the hustle. 


my people filling me with love... 

Ivey was made to do this! She knows my limits and pushes me to be the very best version of myself. - Kathryn (Greensboro, NC)

Ivey makes each workout challenging, different, and fun!  She's helped me become stronger and faster and has driven me to really want to make fitness part of my daily life.  She holds me accountable and certainly makes those early morning wake up calls worth it.  I love starting my day with Ivey! - Jill (Charlotte, NC) 

Teaching and working next to Ivey as a fitness instructor was inspiring, encouraging and fun.  She's always been very knowledgeable about health and fitness and the way the body moves to ensure results.  Though we are peers, I definitely look to her as a leader both for motivation and a hard workout! - Rhandee (aka. future business partner, Nashville, TN)

As soon as I started training with Ivey in a group fitness setting and for triathlons, I knew that she would motivate me to stay on track with my goals.  Little did I know that she would help me surpass them!  I still implement the moves she taught me in class into my own workouts today! - Kaylee (Charlotte, NC)

Want to feel what it's like working with a top notch exercise instructor? Ivey is the best of the best.  I'm a 51 year old woman that loves to exercise - Yoga, jogging, biking, circuit training... I've done it all. I've had the privilege to work out with Ivey a number of times.  She prepares workouts that target the whole body and incorporate cardio. Many times I was ready to throw in the towel, but she was there encouraging me, "Come on Annie, 5 more, you can do it!" That push is just what I needed to finish.  Whether you work with her one on one or with a group, with Ivey, you'll feel the burn, see results and want to come back for more.  - Annie (Miami, FL) 

Ivey is certainly one of the best fitness instructors that I have ever had.  She motivates you to reach your fitness and personal goals through self empowerment and her own infectious positivity for life.  Although her instruction has a no excuses type approach, after completing a workout I would always feel rejuvenated to conquer the day and beyond. - Samantha (Virginia Beach, VA) 

IVB is such a powerhouse! She always motivated me to push through each challenge to better myself and my workout.  By far the best instructor I have ever worked with.  I love that she has jumped into social media with her daily workouts.  For those of us far away with crazy schedules, I'm thrilled to be able to use her workouts anywhere, anytime.   -Becca (Columbus, OH)